Hua Hong to raise funds on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Hong Kong-listed Hua Hong received approval on 7 November for an IPO on Shanghai’s Star Market, raising a hoped-for total of $2.5 billion. Hua Hong, the country’s second largest semiconductor producer after SMIC, is at the heart of the Chinese government’s self-sufficiency strategy: at the 20th Party Congress last month, President Xi Jinping declared that […]

US seeks to pressure allies’ chip gear makers to join export control

People attending a meeting of US semiconductor equipment manufacturer representatives with US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said that Dutch company ASML and Japanese chip gear makers such as Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), Nikon Corp., and Canon Corp. are likely to be required for complying the US export control to ban China’s access to advanced […]

China denied access to US new-generation semiconductors

Xi Jinping said at the 20th CCP Congress last October that he wanted to “win the battle of key technologies” and strengthen China’s position as a major technological power. These efforts may well be undermined by Washington’s latest moves to restrict the sale of the latest semiconductor and chip-making equipment to China.On the 7 of […]