Semi-conductors A Market in the Grip of Major Upheavals

Semi-conductors: A Market in the Grip of Major Upheavals

Chips are not only key components in the manufacture of today’s industrial goods, they are also essential to the development of future technologies.

Decades of global industrial development and investment flows have made the semiconductor industry highly interdependent between countries in various production segments. Since 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical changes, new laws and regulations, export controls have severely disrupted supply chains and impacted the chip industry. More than ever, accurate information and in-depth analysis are key to maintaining and developing your business.

The European Semiconductor Observatory offers

Geopolitical risk analysis

Business intelligence

Reports about international chip industry players, new trends and industrial policy

We are a consulting firm based in Paris, France. We provide economic, industrial and financial information and research on companies, products and sectors related to a business activity through a team of collaborators in Europe and Asia. We gather information from open sources (OSINT) and, if necessary, from human sources (HUMINT).

The European Semiconductor Observatory offers

Detailed services


We provide deliverables, notes, reports in English and French.

We are available for one-hour expert interview on specific questions (24 hours in advance). You can email () and web conferencing details will follow confirmation.

We can also provide a security seminar on East Asia with scenario (half a day).

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