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The new Japanese industrial policy regarding semiconductors

The chip industry in Japan is experiencing a true revival. As a tool to achieve this aim, the Japanese government has recently created a new company called Rapidus which has received some subsidies. It will open a new foundry to produce 2nm chips in 2027.

Navigating China's Semiconductor Landscape

The semiconductor industry in China is experiencing major pivots : new plants, US export-controls and regulations, a strong public program of capacity development….

Taiwan : what is the new situation after the presidential election ?

The results of the elections in Taiwan, which took place on 13 January 2024, are highly significant for the country itself, for regional players and for the world through the chip industry supply chains.

What digital strategy among geopolitical changes for the European Union ?

2023 is a year marked by technological innovation, a more digitalized economy and major geopolitical shifts in the global balance of power. In this context, how will the European Union’s digital strategy evolve?

Risks on the Chip industry - How to face them ?

The semiconductor industry is increasingly at the mercy of the world’s most intense geopolitical struggle, in which the United States and China are pitted against each other. This situation is disruptive and creates new incertainties and risks.