Chips : the gamble of the Japanese renaissance

With Rapidus, the Japanese government is stepping up its support for domestic semiconductor production against a backdrop of growing geopolitical tensions in Asia, which are casting uncertainty over the security of supplies. Like South Korea, China and Taiwan among others, Japan has entered the global race to produce semi-conductors. Japan’s strategy is to focus on […]

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Chip Subsidy Vessels-Comparing the EU and the US EU policymakers cannot brute force their ship to its intended course by Arrian Ebrahimi and Mika Erik Moeser How to steer a continent’s industrial policy? The US and EU have embarked on unprecedented journeys to bolster their domestic semiconductor industries. Leaders in Washington and Brussels have identified […]

Newsletter from 4 to 11 June 2023

TSMC targets Germany for a plant in Dresden Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC is continuing talks with Germany about setting up a components factory there. The factory is expected to be built in Dresden if the German subsidy proposals are sufficient for TSMC. TSMC, which dominates more than half of the chip market, has responded to calls […]

Newsletter 12-19 February: Semiconductor industry in China and the latest episodes in the Sino-US technology competition

micro-processeur intel en vert

ASML discloses theft of technology information by former China-based employee  Dutch chipmaker ASML has revealed that one of its China-based employees recently stole information about its technology, in violation of export control policy rules. ASML, the world leader in using light to etch semiconductors (lithography), said in its annual report that it had been “subject […]

Changing supply chains : the semiconductor industry

Chinese and non-Chinese supply chains, a policy of diversification of large international companies in Asia to the benefit of Asean countries and a partial and progressive shift of part of the chains from East to West, here are some of the trends that seem to be shaping the transformations of global supply chains in the […]

Newsletter: 5-11 December 2022

The Netherlands is reportedly considering tightening export controls on semiconductor manufacturing machinery to China According to Bloomberg, the Dutch authorities are preparing, in consultation with the US, to introduce export controls on exports of semiconductor manufacturing machinery to China by January 2023. On 7 October, the US tightened export control rules to China for multiple […]

Shortage for automotive will go on in 2023

IN BRIEF: The supply of semiconductors for the automotive industry is expected to remain insufficient until 2024. No improvement expected in 2023. Shortages of semiconductors for the automotive market are expected to continue despite a recent improvement. Although supply is increasing these days, it is failing to catch up with the even faster increase in […]

Newsletter : 28th nov-4th dec 2022

New financial support measures for the Chinese semiconductor industry   In China, the government continues to take measures to support the semiconductor industry. A new development plan has been launched in Hefei, the capital of the eastern province of Anhui. It aims to serve as a high-tech centre of excellence for the downstream manufacturing sector […]

Newsletter 14-20 November 2022

There is a decrease in the amount of money invested in China. Sun Yuwang, chairman of the investment fund China Fortune-Tech Capital, said a few days ago that the number of investment projects approved by his company had almost halved from four months ago. In addition, 3,470 companies with the Chinese word for “chip” in […]

TSMC: a second plant in Arizona

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is reportedly planning to increase its investment in Arizona by $12 billion in order to produce 3nm semiconductors in addition to the 5nm semiconductors already planned for its plant currently under construction. This was revealed by the American daily The Wall Street Journal. A second […]